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Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet In astronomy it is the brightest star in a constellation In common parlance alpha means to be the first Alpha males are guys who seem to be leading the pack the hunter, the ever-reliable male god, They are all around


相關詞條 北約語音字母表 北約語音字母表NATO phonetic alphabet最早源於上世紀50年代由美軍編制編制該表是為了避免戰時通訊不暢導致發音不清而造成接收方讀音誤判。 北約音標字母 雖常稱作“語音字母”Phonetic alphabets中文名 北約音標字母 外文名 NATO phonetic alphabet 正式稱號 國際無線電通話拼寫


An alphabet is a system of using certain marks which we call “letters,” to stand for particular sounds There are many different alphabets in the world today and it has taken thousands of years to develop them, The English alphabet of twenty-six letters is also

Genetics Alphabet

旁系同源基因(paralogous gene)又译为“横向同源基因”、“并系同源基因”或“平行进化同源基因”,是指由于基因复制而产生的同源基因,例如人γ一珠蛋白基因和β一珠蛋白基因。 基因复制后,进化选择压力变小,其中一条基因丢失或发生沉默,都能促使旁系同源基因分化,产生新特性或新功能



GEO DataSets, This database stores curated gene expression DataSets, as well as original Series and Platform records in the Gene Expression Omnibus GEO repository, Enter search terms to locate experiments of interest, DataSet records contain additional resources …


Home Windows macOS Ubuntu/Debian RedHat Other Linux Graphical GUI Command Line CC MEGA X 64-bit MEGA X 32-bit MEGA 11 64-bit ALPHA MEGA 11 32-bit ALPHA MEGA 7 64-bit Older Version, Sequence Analyses,

train翻譯,車輛 火車,列車 系列 (行進中的)行列,隊列 裙子的一部分 拖裙,裙裾, 準備, 訓練,培訓;鍛煉, 瞄準, 把(槍、相機、光等)對準,將…瞄準, 引導生長…。了解

AI Informatika Unika: Genetic Algorithm Arrange Alphabets Into …

Synthorx’s expanded genetic alphabet platform has the unique ability to drive the site-specific incorporation of multiple synthetic amino acids into proteins thereby tuning receptor specificity important for …


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distance翻譯,空間 距離,路程 方式 冷漠的行爲,疏遠。了解更多。 Furthermore we will build densely but not in the between the building heights and their reciprocal distances form of high rises or so-called low density,

genetic alphabet 中文

An expanded genetic alphabet would expand the informational and functional potential of DNA for both in vitro and in vivo applications The major efforts in this field of research are focused on the development of a new and stable third base-pair that would be efficiently replicated with high fidelity utilizing H …

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GENETICS publishes high-quality scientific research that presents important findings in genetics and genomics across a full range of biological science applications, Learn more about the journal and the types of articles we publish, or get started with your submission, Prepare materials, START YOUR SUBMISSION,


我分别翻译了中文、英文版数模论文(20多页),得到翻译结果都较准确顺畅,格式大都能保留,需要再人工修改一些细节。读论文没问题,写论文时CNKI翻译助手和翻译狗安全一点。 1,翻译狗—-文档翻译平台(网页)(…

Genetics Alphabet

genetic alphabet 中文 - alphabet 公司



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